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Keeping Our Heritage Alive

     Do you enjoy hearing your grandparents tell their life stories?  I only had a chance to meet my grandmother on my mother's side, however my dad was born in 1928, he was much older than my mother. Actually, many thought that my dad was my grandfather.  I heard so many stories from him, one in particular I want to share with you all.  My dad grew up poor, when he was a  little boy he told me that around his family's table they ate beans and cornbread (main meal in most homes during that time) every day besides Sunday when the pastor would visit their home.  It was then that they would kill a chicken and the adults was fed on the meat and my dad got to eat the chicken feet. Can you even eat those things?

     I loved hearing the stories of past days, it is sad that the older generation is leaving us.  It's important to pass these stories down to the next generation. The bible says, "One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts." -Psalm 145:4  We are to pass down our heritage to one another, the "Dacusville Heritage Association" is doing just that.

     Labor Day Weekend around Dacusville consist of steam engines, hayrides, antique tractors, cars, and farm equipment, classic cars, trucks, and jeeps, arts and crafts....beans and cornbread; no chicken feet.


     Tom Turner said that "Dacusville Farm Days" had been an event that has been happening in our community faithfully for 25-30 years.  It first started with the Dacusville Lion's Club, they put this event on for 7-10 years and then Mr. Robinson and his family took it over. "For many years Jim Robinson and his family had operated the Dacusville Farm Days celebration on Labor Day Weekend.  But last year Jim's oldest son Randy died after an unexpected heart attack, and Jim found that he had lost some of the joy he had experienced. "We loved the show and enjoyed the family and our friends pulling together to make something special happen.  But with Randy no longer with us, it did not seem right to continue.  We wanted to let the show die with Randy." - Ben Robinson "Annual Dacusville Farm Show Set For Labor Day Weekend",  Pickens County Courier, www.yourpickenscounty.com.

     Tom Turner said that when he received the postcard that said Dacusville Farm Days was coming to an end, it was very disappointing to him and so many from our community.  Tom and a group of others from our community came together to discuss how they could continue the show, this was how the "Dacusville Heritage Association" was birthed.  Jim Robinson gave this group his blessings, and at the first meeting there were 75 people.  They discussed ways to continue the Labor Day Weekend celebration in our community. They changed the name to "Dacusville Farm Show" and decided the new location to be on Tom Turner's property on S.C. 186 next to Nine Forks Baptist Church.

Tom Turner
        Thomas "Tom" Turner has been married to his wife Jackie    for 32 years, they have no children.  He has lived in the Dacusville  community almost all his life.  He has lived at his current residency  for 15 years.  Tom worked at Ryobi Singer plant in Pickens for  36 years, and retired from there in 2007 due to a stroke.  He has  worked with the Dacusville Fire Department for 28 years.  Tom  said that he wants to give back to the community, he said, "The  community has really been here for me, especially during the time  of my stroke." Tom is allowing the farm show to be held on his  property free of charge.  The money that will be collected will go  into an account to be used for a museum for our community to  house antiques and to showcase our farming heritage for  everyone to enjoy.


      The "Dacusville Heritage Association" is asking for
volunteers to please come out and help every
Sign designed and donated by Brian Dalton
Photo Courtesy of "Dacusville Heritage Association"
Saturday in August till the show takes place on August 31st. There is a lot that needs to be done before that day gets here.  You are invited to join us on Thursday, August 8th at 7:00 pm at the Dacusville Fire Department to discuss further information about the show. Many volunteers have already started the process, too many to count. Thank you all for what you are going to do and already have done to continue
this as a success for our community.

      The "Dacusville Heritage Association" wants to invite you to come and be apart of them.  The fee is $20 per year to become a member.  The money collected so far has went to promote the "Dacusville Farm Show", it has paid for insurance, banners, advertisements, and to build the ticket booth.  There are currently 85 members, and they are offering a "special deal" if you sign up now you pay the $20 dollars and it will cover the rest of this year, plus next year.

     Tom said, that they tried to keep as many of the great things that you are accustomed to seeing, and experiencing during the past years when it was "Dacusville Farm Days".  Nine Forks Baptist Church will continue their "Old Timey Farm Day" service with a tractor parade from their church to the "Dacusville Farm Show". You will see antiques, go on hayrides, many food vendors, crafts, a kid zone....tractors, tractors, and more tractors. There will be dealers set up selling tractor parts.  The Farm Show will offer free parking and will shuttle you from and to your car by means of an Old Fashion hayride.  Handicapped parking will be close to the ticket booth and if you are/were in the Military, you receive free admission with proper I.D.  If you are overnight camping, your camper must be self contained.

     Due to all the rain that we have received in our area, please be in prayer for good weather.
     If you have any questions you can contact:
     *Tim McConnell  (864) 423-3239  President of the "Dacusville Heritage Association"
     *Tom Turner (864) 380-3337
     * Brandi.landers@gmail.com

To find out more about the "Dacusville Heritage Association" click the link below:

The 1st Annual "Dacusville Farm Show" will be held on August 31st and September 1st.  

3147 Earls Bridge Rd./ Hwy. 186 Easley, SC 29640  

The admission is $5.00, children under 12 Free. 
Gate opens at 8:00 am

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on property, no concealed weapons, and they will not be held responsible for any accidents.

"Blessed is the generation in which the old listen to the young; and doubly blessed  is the generation in which the young listen to the old." - Author Unknown


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  1. Glad to see this show continue. We haven't been for 2 yrs but hopefully we will be there in 2014. I assume that there are no camper hookups? Just curious to know if your sites are fairly level? Got handicap here. TY for opening your property to keep the Farm Show going.


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