Friday, November 21, 2014

Dacusville Christmas Info.

Dacusville Christmas Parade
Saturday, December 13th at 2:00

Sponsored by Dacusville Community Club 
accepting new members (Free Membership)

Dacusville Christmas Tree Lighting

Friday, December 12th
at 7:00

Announcement of
Business of the year
Citizen of the year

Dacusville United Methodist Church
3rd Annual Arts & Crafts Bazaar
December 13th 8-2 pm (hot dogs till 4 pm)
Blood Connection 10-2

Pancake Breakfast with Santa
Sponsored by Dacusville Rec.
Saturday, December 13th 
Dacusville Community Center
8-10 am
Tickets $5.00

*If you have any Christmas Information you would like to share with the community please contact 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Servants Heart

Do you have a desire to see the Kingdom of God advance? Servants Heart is a group of men and women in our community that have been called by God to be disciples and workers for God's Kingdom.

Our Mission starts in our everyday life, then to our community and neighbors.  Will you join with Servants Heart to make a difference in your life and your community?

Servants Heart meets the needs of the people in the Dacusville Community.  If you would like to be part of this ministry, or if you have a need contact:

 Micheal Burton 1(864) 421-3147

Helping a Widow in need...

For more information:

It's Fall!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Autism...Fitting the Pieces Together

Autism is a sensor disorder, a broad spectrum which involves high function and low function. The spectrum can be from one extreme, very smart children to another extreme, children that are 10 years of age and still need to be potty trained.  

Eli Horn
Elijah (Eli) Horn was diagnosed with med/high function Autism.  When Eli was first diagnosed his mother noticed that he never wanted to be out of her sight. Amanda Horn, Eli's mother said that he had anxiety issues.  When Eli was 6 months old, the family was eating inside a Mexican Restaurant and he began screaming because of the music that was playing.  When playing cars with his brothers Eli lined his cars up, and if one of his brothers took one of his cars he would have a meltdown that could last from five minutes to two hours. Eli suffered with terrible meltdowns, he had bad anxiety at school with panic attacks.

Amanda and Eli
Amanda and her family believe in the power of prayer, they recently started attending LIFEchurch in Dacusville.  They believe that when Pastor Chad Albertson prayed for Eli, he received his healing. He is a different little boy now, he does things that the doctor said he could never do, he is excited to go to school, he loves going to church, and he is smiling for the first time in ways he never smiled before.  

Amanda and her family believes that this is a ministry that God has given them.  They understand Autism because they have experienced it first hand.  They want to give back and in doing so they are raising money for "Autism Speaks", an organization that does ABA Therapy which raises $70,000 a year without a grant.

Saturday they will be doing a walk in Charlotte N.C. to raise money and awareness for Autism. They are selling t-shirts in honor of Eli,so far they have raised $650.00.  If you would like to purchase a t-shirt or donate money to the "Autism Speaks" you can contact Amanda  @ 864-419-9448. 
By donating you are helping to fit the pieces together.

For More Information:

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hester Store Then and Now

Frank Hester in front of Hester Store
Photo by Down Home
Hester Store is a landmark in Dacusville that stands at the corner of Thomas Mill and Hester Store Road.  Hester Store was only one place of business here.  It was operated for many years by Anne Hester, maiden sister of Frank Hester, who kept a very good line of general merchandise.  After Miss Hester died, he kept the store open on a minimal basis.

The Hester family is a very old Dacusville family.  According to a history of the family that was written in 1964 by Miss Anne Hester, William Hester came down from Virginia to Pickens County around 1814.  They had a farm about two miles south of Dacusville and part, if not all of their eleven or more children, were born there.  They moved up to Oolenoy River after having crop failure during a dry year.  Available records show their children as Anne Hester Williams, Nancy Hester Banks, Betty Hester Hunt, Margaret Hester, Polly Hester, William Hester, Rob Hester, Jim Hester, Alec Hester, Henry Hester, and Joe Berry Hester.  Rob, Jim and William died while serving with Confederate Army.

William Hester was born in 1820 and in 1850 married Louisa Whitmire.  They settled on a farm on the southeast edge of Dacusville.  Their oldest child was Michael W. Hester (1854-1920) who married Nora Ann Boling.  Around 1880, Michael Hester bought about a hundred acres of land adjoining  his mother in Dacusville, and a part of this is now school grounds (1964) He built a store which he operated along with the farm.  Before he married Nora Ann Boling, he built a home near the store.  There he continued to operate the farm and store along with the post office and a cotton gin. In 1902, they bought a farm about three miles south of Dacusville building another store and cotton gin.

When Michael and Nora Hester moved from Dacusville to the present location of the Hester Store, they built a large -two story house.  The front of the house had a porch both upstairs and downstairs. "I remember the banisters and bay windows on the house", said granddaughter Usona Hughey Rochester. When my grandpartents died, Uncle Frank decided to build another house since the old one was just too hard to heat.  He saw a house in Greenville that he liked, so he had the builder copy it.  That's how the gray granite house came about.

The Hester home utilized some modern techniques to make life easier.  Like their neighbors to the west of them, the Lathems, they used a ram for pumping their water supply from a spring located across the road.  In addition to the store and cotton gin, they operated a grist mill in a two-story building.  The mill was upstairs, and there was a pea threshing machine in the basement.  A saw mill and blacksmith shop stood nearby.  At one point in time a Mr. Hinton operated a barber shop in the upstairs room of the store.

Before electrical power was available, Frank Hester installed a boiler system.  Steam from this unit generated electrical power that operated farm tools.  Mrs. Rochester did not recall any household use of this electricity.

While Anne Hester was living, she kept a good business going, said Mrs. Rochester.  She kept a good selection of merchandise, and I remember that she had a good display of clothing and shoes upstairs. After she died, Frank just kept the store open a little.  He enjoyed the social life of the store more than anything else and would just sit and talk forever.  Often when our mailman was late, we would say, "Oh! He's probably up at Hester's Store talking!"

The Hester farm and its many antique furnishings were sold at auction in 1982.  Although no one with the surname of Hester lives there today the family name is embellished in the memory of the older residents and will be perpetuated for future generations in the naming of Hester Store Road.

Article by "Down Home Dacusville Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" A Publication of Dacusville Middle School. 1995.

Rumor has it, Hester Store is haunted by an African American who was hung in the back of the store on an oak tree.  It has been said that you can still see him hanging at night.  It also has been said that you can see an old lady rocking in a rocking chair in the top window.

Photo by Falcone 
Hester Store was recently bought by Falcone Crawl Space & Structural Repair to rehabilitate and turn it into their SC Upcountry office.  On their website they state, "We purchased Hester Store from Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation, with a commitment to stabilize, repair, and reopen a store for the Dacusville Community."  When word got out into our community we were excited to see that someone was going to restore the old Hester Store. This excitement was short lived when the news of a distillery was going to be placed in Hester Store. On Falcone's Facebook page they stated, "In 2015, Hester Store will be home to General Store Brandy, a micro-distillery will craft small batch brandy from in season local fruit.  We will be offering tours and tastings up to three, 1/2 oz. samples."  They go on to say that preserving the history of the building and our dedication to being "Good Neighbors" to the folks of Dacusville for many years to come.

Pastor Paul Turner of Mt. Carmel Baptist church discussing
the distillery with Pastor Melissa Albertson from LIFEchurch 
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church hosted a "Town Hall" type of meeting on September 8th for anyone that wanted to join together for prayer to ask God to prevent the distillery from being placed in Hester Store. The community is concerned about the schools being so close to the distillery.  Release Time allows schools to accommodate their schedules to a program of outside religious instructions. LIFEchurch host Release Time for Dacusville Middle School, each day 80-100 of our children will be passing by the distillery through out the day. 

On Monday, September 8th many churches joined in for prayer and discussion of the distillery. It was announced that a hearing will go before a Judge in Columbia on Wednesday, October 1 to deny the distillery being placed in Hester Store.  Paul Turner, Pastor of Mt. Carmel has called for another prayer meeting to take place on Thursday, September 25th at 7:00 pm to pray before the case goes before the Judge. If you are concerned about a distillery coming into our Dacusville Community please join us for prayer on Thursday.  We as a community want to protect our children and families, and we feel like a distillery in the heart of Dacusville is not a representation of our great community.

For More Information:

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Falcone's Facebook Page 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome To The Main Event....

Dolph Ziggler

Nicholas Theodore "Nick" Nemeth; ring name Dolph Ziggler, is an American Professional Wrestler signed to WWE, where he is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion in his second reign. 

Madison Wilson

Madison Wilson is a fun-loving, full of life, special 12 year old girl that is a huge wrestling fan. Her favorite wrestler is Dolph Ziggler, and just like Dolph Ziggler she too is a fighter.

Madison Wilson was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and Type 1 Diabetes.  Her stomach became paralyzed and she was placed on a feeding tube, this has affected her colon and bladder. She has had numerous hospital stays and surgeries in the upstate and far away.  There is no cure for this disease, the doctors have been treating the symptoms.  Madison was able to attend Dacusville Middle school this year, she has not been able to attend school since 3rd grade. She was so excited to attend school with her friends and have a normal life outside of hospitals. Madison has had some complications that has put her back in the hospital for yet another surgery on Friday.  Madison's surgery is for an exploratory look for bowel obstruction.

Madison is a fighter; she has a huge team supporting her. Her biggest fans are her family, friends, and church. We are reaching out to our community to ask that you join her team too by praying for her and her family, we are believing in her complete healing.

Maddie with her family
Scott Wilson (Dad) with Madison

Gifts and cards from the
Greenville Heritage Federal Credit Union and
The Greenville Road Warriors

Maddie with some of her Biggest Fans! 

To read more on Madison and her journey:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dacusville Middle School's 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year

  If I were to ask you who your favorite teacher was when you were in school, I am sure you would be able to answer fairly quickly.  What are some attributes that make these teachers stand out in our minds so vividly that we can recall their names decades later?  When I think of my favorite teacher, I think of someone who cared about me as a person, encouraged me to keep trying, and inspired me learn.  Great teachers have these qualities and more.

     Each year,  our local public schools choose one outstanding teacher who displays these characteristics to represent their school.  This year, I am honored to introduce you to Dacusville Middle School’s 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year, Toni Crowe Johnson.
Mrs. Johnson has deep roots in our community.  Mrs. Johnson was born and raised right here in Dacusville and attended Dacusville Elementary School.  She has fond memories of her teachers there.  Mrs. Nell Patton, her second grade teacher, inspired Toni’s love of learning.  She went on to Dacusville Junior High, as it was called then, and had the privilege of being taught by Mr. Bobby Joe Wilson, an English teacher who instilled a love of language and literature.  (Mr. Wilson’s daughter is now assistant principal at Dacusville Middle School.)  

Toni Crowe Johnson
Mrs. Johnson’s mother graduated from Dacusville High School, but its doors closed many years ago.  Therefore, Mrs. Johnson attended and graduated from Pickens High School.  After she was married and raised her children to school age, she went on to pursue her Associate of Arts in Education degree at Tri-County Technical College.  Then, she went on to Clemson University where she graduated with honors, receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and also the prestigious Phi Delta Kappa Honor Award. 

 Mrs. Johnson has taught for many years in both private and public schools in the Upstate.  In 2009, she graduated from Columbia College and  received her Masters of Art in Education while completing her Thesis on Divergent Learners.  In 2011, she was offered a position in her home town school, Dacusville Middle, to teach 8th grade Language Arts/Reading and 8th grade Honors English I.  She seized the opportunity to teach children at her Alma Mater and has been teaching at Dacusville Middle School for four years now. 

 She had previously received the Teacher of the Year award at Liberty Middle School, but she was humbled to be given the honor this year of Teacher of the Year at the school she herself attended as a student.  To make the occasion even more rewarding, she was also selected to be an Honor Roll Teacher for the School District of Pickens County for the 2014-2015 school year.  

The residents of Dacusville would like to extend our congratulations to Mrs. Johnson for her hard work and dedication to the students of our community.  It is Dacusville citizens like Mrs. Johnson that make us be able to boast, “We may be from the small town of Dacusville, but we have ‘BIG’ hearts and are proud to be good neighbors.”

Article by Tara Looper

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