Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Carolina State Dance

Learn To Shag

Dacusville Community Center
Singles and Couples
Tuesday, September 16th

For Information:  
Donna or Tommy Stroud

Dacusville Farm Show

 Labor Day Weekend around Dacusville is full of tractor fun, antiques, crafts, food, music, and more.

Hosted by the "Dacusville Heritage Association"

A good neighbor is a priceless treasure
 -Chinese Proverb

Location:  3147 Earls Bridge Rd. Hwy 186 Easley SC 29640
Admission:  Adults $5.00 Children under 12 FREE
Contact Information:  Tim McConnel 864-423-3239   Tom Turner 864-380-3337  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Dacusville Star

Ten years ago Labor Day Weekend, The Dacusville Star hit the "Newsstands" in our community. 

Jim Shelton holding an issue of The Dacusville Star
and Stuart the Star.
The Dacusville Star was a community based newspaper founded by Jim and Ginger Shelton. Their idea was to create a newspaper that celebrated our community. A newspaper that highlighted our schools, churches, and the great people of Dacusville.  As a member of this community you enjoyed seeing birthday and anniversary celebrations, school and church events, reading about Birds and Bees, Rhonda's Ramblings, Gail's Tails, and the Cure for Kudzu. Do you remember "Stuart the Star" and all his travels? He was born in LA and traveled to Canada, Hawaii, and Yellowstone. He also went on a cruise. Sadly the newspaper came to an end two years later. When asked, Jim Shelton said, "It was bittersweet".

The Dacusville Star done great the first year, it was sold out the first week.  They printed 1200 papers and sold them for 75 cents each. They placed them in schools and businesses around Dacusville.  It went from 43 subscriptions at the beginning to 800 subscriptions in two months. To subscribe to The Dacusville Star it was only twenty dollars a year. Jim and Ginger gave free spaces to churches, schools, and for Birthday, Anniversary, and Wedding announcements. They said their goal was to see each student from the schools in the paper. Jim said that people would stop by his home and hand them birthday notices on napkins right before it went to press and Ginger would take the time to rearrange all the work she had previously done to make sure the announcement was in the next issue. Ginger easily put in 60 hours a week for the paper.  Many people would have long hand written stories and she would have to transfer them to electronic to go to press.

The plate for the 1st issue of The Dacusville Star

The plate for the last issue of The Dacusville Star
Jim said that it wasn't the subscriptions and the sales that kept the newspaper going, it was the big sponsors such as Bank of Travelers Rest, George Coleman Ford, and Kimbrells. In the second year of publication the sponsors begin pulling away from print and using radio and online to market their products. Sponsors paid three hundred dollars for full page ads and without that  revenue coming in Jim said they were losing money to keep printing the newspaper.

Jim said that people still ask him about The Dacusville Star once or twice a month.  He said that even people outside the community that use to live here received copies as far as North Carolina, Georgia, New York, and California. Jim and Ginger was community driven, they once printed 2000 copies and distributed them at the Dacusville Farm Days for free.

The Dacusville Star was short lived, but it lived long enough to get into our hearts.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Oh, The Places We Will Go

School is a place where you learn to go places without leaving your seat. This year at Dacusville Elementary School we have a new person to take us places.

Robin Walsh is the new Principal at Dacusville Elementary School.  She was currently the Assistant Principal for 6 years at Dacusville.  Robin got her start at Dacusville as a student teacher. Later Robin taught 1st Grade for 5 years and 3rd Grade for 2 years, also at Dacusville.

Principal Robin Walsh
Robin came to us from the big town of Pickens.  She attended A.R. Lewis and Pickens Middle and High Schools. Robin graduated from Pickens High School in 1995 and continued her education with a Bachelors Degree from Furman in Education. Robin stated that she didn't like teaching 3rd grade because it was a hard grade to teach.  While attending a church service at RockSprings Baptist church she felt the call to complete her Masters in Administration also at Furman.  She took a year off from teaching for her children and then overloaded at Furman for her Masters; what usually takes 3 years to complete, she completed in 18 months.

Robin said even though she grew up in Pickens she now has been transformed as a Dacusville girl. Robin loves the outdoors; she loves to camp and hike.  She also loves to sew, quilt, and cross stitch. She enjoys reading and is very involved in her two daughters; who dance competitive. 

Assistant Principal Dr. Del Freitag
Robin is excited and feels very blessed and thankful to be the new principal at Dacusville Elementary School. Dacusville students blend in with Pickens students to form Pickens High School. One of Robins goals as the new principal is for the students to form an identity.  Her desire is that when the students reach Pickens High School the teachers recognize the Dacusville students because they stand out as excellent students.  Assisting Robin as Assistant Principal will be Dr. Del Freitag; he taught 3rd grade last year at Dacusville. 

Mrs. Walsh wants to "Welcome" you all to the new school year!  She believes in our community and has a source of pride in it.  She appreciates how the "whole" community supports the school. 

"I am so happy for Mrs. Walsh and for Dacusville Elementary as she takes over the reigns for the greatest school in the district. My prayers are with her and with all of my Dacusville family as they begin the new school year. "
-Dr. Michael Fleming

"Harry's First Day Of School"

     "Harry are you ready for the first day of school tomorrow?", asked Mom.  "No", said Harry, "I'm scared." Mom said, "Harry you will have a great time in Kindergarten."  As Harry looked at his "Angry Bird" book bag filled with all sorts of fun things such as red, blue, green, and yellow crayons, markers, and colored pencils, glue sticks, and scissors, he said "I guess."  

     The next day Harry woke up and put on his brand new "Angry Bird" short sleeve shirt with his blue shorts and a new pair of tennis shoes. His mom had his favorite breakfast fixed for him, "Angry Bird" cereal. After breakfast, his mom helped him brush his teeth and comb his hair. He grabbed his book bag and headed out the door.

     In the car mom said, "Harry, I can't wait to hear all about the fun things that you did today at school!" Harry said, "I guess."  Mom reassured Harry that he was going to have a great day and not to be scared because he was going to make new friends. Mom pulled up to the front door of the school and kissed Harry on the cheek.  She said, "Harry I love you, I will see you after school."  Harry looked out of the car window and thought to himself, "Who is that?"  He looked at his mom and said, "I love you too" and hopped out of the car.  

     Through out the day Harry kept seeing the same lady that was at the front door. He saw her in his classroom while he was using his favorite blue crayon, and he saw her in the hall when he was walking in line to the lunch room.  At the end of the day Harry grabbed his book bag and followed his class outside to go home. Harry begin waving when he saw his mom, he knew she was there to pick him up and take him home. Harry got into the car and looked out the window, there she was again, this time waving at Harry.  Harry said, "Mom there she is again!"  Mom said,"Who Harry?" Harry looked at his mom, pointed and smiled, "The pretty nice lady with the big red smile."  Mom looked and said, "Oh, that's the principal Harry, she is here to help you." 

Mrs. Walsh we are blessed as a community to have you work with our children.  I want to say Thank You for the dedication and commitment that we all know you will give because you love our children like they are your own. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Change Is Coming To Dacusville

Saying hello to new growth on one side of town and goodbye to a great man on the other...

Dacusville is gaining a new Dollar General Store on Earl's Bridge Road across from the Sunoco, this will give the residence a mini mart right in their back yard. The landscape may be changing but it's still "Good Ole' Dacusville".

Dr. Michael Fleming came to us eleven years ago as principal of Dacusville Elementary School. He loved our children like they were his own, he has left his mark on our hearts and our community and we will be forever grateful.

Dr. Michael Fleming

From Life Skills to Polar Express and everything in between... 

Dr. Fleming from the parents and children of Dacusville....Thank you!  Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it!


PLEASE IF YOU HAVE EVER HELPED A FAMILY IN NEED, WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW. THERE IS A FAMILY IN DESPERATE NEED OF BURIAL EXPENSES. Please help this precious woman's family!!!! She was such a sweet lady.  We are not asking for handouts, but we are having a hotdog plate sale with homemade chili made from one of the best cooks I have ever known. Chef Dan Pearson. It is tonight from 5:30-8:00PM at Life Church in Dacusville. 199 Thomas Mill Dr, Easley, SC, 29640. Your family's got to eat somewhere so come on and give them your support! Thank you so much! Questions call 864-982-8625.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Old Timers

1st Annual
Dacusville Alumni 
Basketball Game 

Half Court Shots

Sponsored by the Dacusville Middle School Cheerleaders

"Once an Athlete, always an Athlete" 
I played for Dacusville Jr. High School and I was proud to be a Gold Wave, proud to wear the purple and gold. I was coached under Donna McKinney; the hardest coach out there, she didn't accept defeat. If we lost a game which was "NEVER" maybe once or twice and when we did lose we had practice after the game, she wanted Dacusville to be the best and we were.There are people that come into your life that make a lasting impact and Coach Mckinney did that for me.  I wasn't always an athlete but she took a chance in me, she instilled in me the heart of an athlete.

We always started our games with "The Lord's Prayer", we circled up as a team, game ball in the middle, arms crossed and feet touching.  For the ones that didn't know this, Coach Mckinney was very superstitious. She also was an intimidator, we were our own cheerleaders, "Pump it up" she would say as we turned onto the school grounds of our opponents, she wanted them to know Dacusville has rolled in and we are ready to play some ball.  She loved Dacusville, she loved her team, and she believed in us.

"Defense Wins"        

Coach Donna Mckinney

Game Time....

Past and Present Dacusville Coaches
Coach Harrison and Coach Furr

Ready For Next Year?

Spread the word....And next year, let's have a girl's team because I want to play.

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