Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome To The Main Event....

Dolph Ziggler

Nicholas Theodore "Nick" Nemeth; ring name Dolph Ziggler, is an American Professional Wrestler signed to WWE, where he is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion in his second reign. 

Madison Wilson

Madison Wilson is a fun-loving, full of life, special 12 year old girl that is a huge wrestling fan. Her favorite wrestler is Dolph Ziggler, and just like Dolph Ziggler she too is a fighter.

Madison Wilson was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and Type 1 Diabetes.  Her stomach became paralyzed and she was placed on a feeding tube, this has affected her colon and bladder. She has had numerous hospital stays and surgeries in the upstate and far away.  There is no cure for this disease, the doctors have been treating the symptoms.  Madison was able to attend Dacusville Middle school this year, she has not been able to attend school since 3rd grade. She was so excited to attend school with her friends and have a normal life outside of hospitals. Madison has had some complications that has put her back in the hospital for yet another surgery on Friday.  Madison's surgery is for an exploratory look for bowel obstruction.

Madison is a fighter; she has a huge team supporting her. Her biggest fans are her family, friends, and church. We are reaching out to our community to ask that you join her team too by praying for her and her family, we are believing in her complete healing.

Maddie with her family
Scott Wilson (Dad) with Madison

Gifts and cards from the
Greenville Heritage Federal Credit Union and
The Greenville Road Warriors

Maddie with some of her Biggest Fans! 

To read more on Madison and her journey:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dacusville Middle School's 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year

  If I were to ask you who your favorite teacher was when you were in school, I am sure you would be able to answer fairly quickly.  What are some attributes that make these teachers stand out in our minds so vividly that we can recall their names decades later?  When I think of my favorite teacher, I think of someone who cared about me as a person, encouraged me to keep trying, and inspired me learn.  Great teachers have these qualities and more.

     Each year,  our local public schools choose one outstanding teacher who displays these characteristics to represent their school.  This year, I am honored to introduce you to Dacusville Middle School’s 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year, Toni Crowe Johnson.
Mrs. Johnson has deep roots in our community.  Mrs. Johnson was born and raised right here in Dacusville and attended Dacusville Elementary School.  She has fond memories of her teachers there.  Mrs. Nell Patton, her second grade teacher, inspired Toni’s love of learning.  She went on to Dacusville Junior High, as it was called then, and had the privilege of being taught by Mr. Bobby Joe Wilson, an English teacher who instilled a love of language and literature.  (Mr. Wilson’s daughter is now assistant principal at Dacusville Middle School.)  

Toni Crowe Johnson
Mrs. Johnson’s mother graduated from Dacusville High School, but its doors closed many years ago.  Therefore, Mrs. Johnson attended and graduated from Pickens High School.  After she was married and raised her children to school age, she went on to pursue her Associate of Arts in Education degree at Tri-County Technical College.  Then, she went on to Clemson University where she graduated with honors, receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and also the prestigious Phi Delta Kappa Honor Award. 

 Mrs. Johnson has taught for many years in both private and public schools in the Upstate.  In 2009, she graduated from Columbia College and  received her Masters of Art in Education while completing her Thesis on Divergent Learners.  In 2011, she was offered a position in her home town school, Dacusville Middle, to teach 8th grade Language Arts/Reading and 8th grade Honors English I.  She seized the opportunity to teach children at her Alma Mater and has been teaching at Dacusville Middle School for four years now. 

 She had previously received the Teacher of the Year award at Liberty Middle School, but she was humbled to be given the honor this year of Teacher of the Year at the school she herself attended as a student.  To make the occasion even more rewarding, she was also selected to be an Honor Roll Teacher for the School District of Pickens County for the 2014-2015 school year.  

The residents of Dacusville would like to extend our congratulations to Mrs. Johnson for her hard work and dedication to the students of our community.  It is Dacusville citizens like Mrs. Johnson that make us be able to boast, “We may be from the small town of Dacusville, but we have ‘BIG’ hearts and are proud to be good neighbors.”

Article by Tara Looper

Take A Stand

Dacusville Community Churches.......

We've been praying for an Awakening in our community.  We've been seeking for His guidance and protection.  Monday night at 7PM we will meet at Mt.Carmel to discuss how we can join together and take a stand against the distillery they are wanting to put in the Old Hester Store.  We cannot afford to silently sit by. The church has done this for too long.  I am tired of the violence, murders, drugs, and broken families. 

Please join us!  Share this if you care....

Melissa Albertson

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Are you looking forward to retirement, or maybe you are already retired. How are you spending your days as a retiree? 

Tommy and his wife Donna Stroud are spending their time camping and creating art out of  re-purpose yard tools. Tommy worked for the phone company and a friend introduced him to the yard art. His first art was made from a shovel, he also made a dog out of a spring.  He found that people really liked them and that they bring so much fun and color to your yard.

Tommy Stroud with his Yard Art


Lady bugs out of bowling balls

Different yard art

Dragon Flies made out of hinges and railroad spikes

Dog made out of spring; dogs head moves

Tommy and Donna enjoy seeing what they can create from yard tools as they enjoy their retirement.  If you would like to brighten your yard with the Yard Art you can contact them.

Contact Information:  

Tommy or Donna Stroud


You can also find Yard Art at the Dacusville Farm Show and the PumpkinTown Festival.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Carolina State Dance

Learn To Shag 

Dacusville Community Center
Singles and Couples
Monday, September 22nd
Free lessons

For Information:  

Donna or Tommy Stroud

Dacusville Farm Show

 Labor Day Weekend around Dacusville is full of tractor fun, antiques, crafts, food, music, and more.

Hosted by the "Dacusville Heritage Association"

A good neighbor is a priceless treasure
 -Chinese Proverb

Tractors everywhere you look

Tractor Parade
Photo by Karen Maw

Classic cars
Ethan Owens loves tractors
Grinding Corn

Cub Scouts selling donuts


Fairbanks Morris Engines

Ice Cream

Oilfield Engine

Big Rigs

Toy Tractors and Cars for sale
Yard Decor

Kiddie Train
Enjoy a family fun day at the Dacusville Farm Show.

Location:  3147 Earls Bridge Rd. Hwy 186 Easley SC 29640
Admission:  Adults $5.00 Children under 12 FREE
Contact Information:  Tim McConnel 864-423-3239 or  Tom Turner 864-380-3337  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Dacusville Star

Ten years ago Labor Day Weekend, The Dacusville Star hit the "Newsstands" in our community. 

Jim Shelton holding an issue of The Dacusville Star
and Stuart the Star.
The Dacusville Star was a community based newspaper founded by Jim and Ginger Shelton. Their idea was to create a newspaper that celebrated our community. A newspaper that highlighted our schools, churches, and the great people of Dacusville.  As a member of this community you enjoyed seeing birthday and anniversary celebrations, school and church events, reading about Birds and Bees, Rhonda's Ramblings, Gail's Tails, and the Cure for Kudzu. Do you remember "Stuart the Star" and all his travels? He was born in LA and traveled to Canada, Hawaii, and Yellowstone. He also went on a cruise. Sadly the newspaper came to an end two years later. When asked, Jim Shelton said, "It was bittersweet".

The Dacusville Star done great the first year, it was sold out the first week.  They printed 1200 papers and sold them for 75 cents each. They placed them in schools and businesses around Dacusville.  It went from 43 subscriptions at the beginning to 800 subscriptions in two months. To subscribe to The Dacusville Star it was only twenty dollars a year. Jim and Ginger gave free spaces to churches, schools, and for Birthday, Anniversary, and Wedding announcements. They said their goal was to see each student from the schools in the paper. Jim said that people would stop by his home and hand them birthday notices on napkins right before it went to press and Ginger would take the time to rearrange all the work she had previously done to make sure the announcement was in the next issue. Ginger easily put in 60 hours a week for the paper.  Many people would have long hand written stories and she would have to transfer them to electronic to go to press.

The plate for the 1st issue of The Dacusville Star

The plate for the last issue of The Dacusville Star
Jim said that it wasn't the subscriptions and the sales that kept the newspaper going, it was the big sponsors such as Bank of Travelers Rest, George Coleman Ford, and Kimbrells. In the second year of publication the sponsors begin pulling away from print and using radio and online to market their products. Sponsors paid three hundred dollars for full page ads and without that  revenue coming in Jim said they were losing money to keep printing the newspaper.

Jim said that people still ask him about The Dacusville Star once or twice a month.  He said that even people outside the community that use to live here received copies as far as North Carolina, Georgia, New York, and California. Jim and Ginger was community driven, they once printed 2000 copies and distributed them at the Dacusville Farm Days for free.

The Dacusville Star was short lived, but it lived long enough to get into our hearts.

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